Friday, February 4, 2011

If you can work with your spouse you can do anything !

I am currently making a website for my wonderful wife.  I appreciated her and all the works she does, but some how no matter how hard I try,  when she says I don’t like that redo that page or by the way here is 2 different size images to fit nicely on this page or nah I like it better before ( meaning the way I originally had it was best ).  My eye begins to twitch, and I think meat cleaver or chainsaw, then she flash a smile and say thank you for all your work and I am like a school boy, happy and giddy and all I can think about is how much I love her. With all that said you have to check out the website
From the Website you can follow her Blog, Twitter and Facebook updates as well as her 3 Etsy shops.
Thank you to my wife for putting up with my unique sense of humor and my bizarre comments I make in public to complete strangers. Hey , if I think it I say it.

Happy Valentines day ! I even found a nice

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