Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elephants… I like elephants!

Elephants... I like elephants!
I like how they stomp through the jungle with their big gray trunks

Monkeys... I like monkeys!
I like how they swing through trees

Fish... I like fish!
I like how they swim in the ocean

Gotta like dogs!
I like how they scratch at fleas and sniff at trees and bark at the mailman

Cats... I like cats!
Curled up on the windowsill purring, and chasing mice

Bears... I like bears!
I like how they reach into beehives for the honey

Gotta like frogs!
I like how they jump up high to catch a fly and sit on a lilypad

Mice... I like mice!
Running through a maze for some cheese

Bunnies... I like bunnies!
I like how they hop and eat carrots

Elephants... I like elephants!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Monkey Business

Q: What did the banana say to the monkey?
A: Nothing. Bananas don't talk!

Handmade crocheted blue sock monkey hat for kids. Your kids will go bananas for this unique monkey hat.

This CUTE monkey clippie has been made on a 1 3/4" alligator clip and is partially lined! This clip is fun & super cute.

What a wonderful way to add personalization to a room! At Bouncing Off The Walls each letter you order is carefully hand cut from 1/2" Baltic Birch then hand painted using the finest artist's acrylics to produce one-of-a-kind wall letters of the highest quality!

Handmade crocheted sock monkey, sock monkey hat and diaper cover with tail for babies. This set makes a lovely baby shower gift or photo prop. Turn your newborn baby photos into a lovely story. Crocheted with cotton and acrylic yarn and used wool roving yarn to make its Mohawk.

Our bodies are made with new pairs of socks and filled with new polyester fibrefill. We are all wearing black felt clocks and are holding felt wands. Each of us has yarn hair that is tied in place. Harry is wearing plastic glasses and has a scar on his forehead. We each are 13 inches/34 cm from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes. Our names are Harry, Ron and Hermione and we love being wizarding monkeys.

Monkey see monkey do, everyone will want to be a monkey. Handmade crocheted pink sock monkey hat with flower for girls. This sock monkey hat with flower has the most authentic sock monkey look and super cute smile. Crocheted with cotton and acrylic yarn.

Handmade crocheted brown sock monkey hat for kids. This Sock Monkey Hat with Funky Wool Mohawk has the most authentic sock monkey look and super cute smile. Crocheted with cotton and acrylic yarn and used wool roving yarn to make its Mohawk. This Fun Hat will make happy any boy or girl!

This adorable blue Sock Monkey tufted "rag quilt" lovely blanket measures 20" x 20" (50 cm x 50cm) ~ a perfect size for your little one to carry around where ever he goes :) The top layer is 100% cotton, the middle layer is white cotton flannel and the back is plush star blue minky ~ a sensory delight for little hands :) The lovely is made up of 9 squares, each measuring 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm) which have been sewn with the traditional X. The front is made up of three different prints ~ two designs of super cute sock monkeys, and a co-ordinated polka dot also from the same collection. The back is made from blue star plush minky.

Handmade crocheted sock monkey hat with pink and brown Mohawk for 6-12 month old boys or girls. Your little monkey will be the envy of his troop with this cute animal hat. Swing on by to check out over 1000+ images of our item at

Does your family sometimes make you feel like you live in a zoo? Sometimes drive you bananas? Add some humour into the mix with this cute tote. Print features chimpanzees frolicking about the jungle, framed by bamboo picture frames, on an animal print background. The lining is a brilliant emerald green striped satin.

Haven't you always wanted a monkey !
Handmade crocheted sock monkey hat with bang tassel in gray, white and red for adults, teens or kids.
It will bring out the monkey in you. I bet you already want a banana.

All monkeys like to be clean so they have a barber monkey clean out their fur. The barber monkey's reward is the bugs in its customer's hair. If human were like monkeys I bet it would cost more then 15.00 for a good barber :)

PS: If you have pooh fling it now !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crochet Easter Bunny Rabbit Hat PDF Pattern

$5.50 CAD

design by Ira Rott.

Format: pdf, 5 pages

Easy crochet pattern

Crochet Skills:
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, reverse single crochet, increasing, work in rounds

Size Chart:
New Born: Head Circumference 13” - 14 ” (33-35 ½ cm)
3-6 month: Head Circumference 14” - 17 ” (35 ½- 43 cm)
6-9 month: Head Circumference 17” - 18 ” (43-46 cm)
9-12 month: Head Circumference 18” - 19 ” (46-48 ½ cm)
1-3 y.o. : Head Circumference 19” - 20 ” (48 ½-51 cm)

Crochet Hook, Wool blend yarn - Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi) - Bernat Roving

Pattern comes with free Email support.

Do not copy, share, resell, or forward this pattern to anyone. All rights to this pattern are owned by Ira Rott.

2011 © Ira Rott

Thursday, April 7, 2011

For the love of Dogs

If you want the best seat in the house ... move the dog !

Family and friends welcome. Fleas are not.

Dalmatian Puppy Dog Hat with Diaper Cover Set

Dogs are really people with short legs in fur coats.

A house is not a home without a dog

Life is just one table scrap after another.

My dog's not spoiled ... I'm just well trained !

When please doesn't work ... Beg !

Beware of attack puppy.

A one-year-old dog is physically as mature as a 15 year-old human and if you have teenagers dogs listen better too.

Puppy Dog Hat with Puffy Muzzle

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