Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cats & Dogs

Most people are either cat people or dog people, not often both. When Ira moved to Canada we lived in a village and I had a dog ( Buddy, my Jack Russell Terrier ). I started to feed a cat that was a stray, well by the time we left that house and moved to Ontario I was feeding about 15 stray cats. I digress, when Ira moved to Canada she did not like cats or dogs, after about 6 months Ira went from not wanting to give the cats table scraps to buying food for them at the grocery store. I would say Ira is both a cat and dog person now.


My Daughter Amy who is definitely cat cat person, named every stray cat that dropped by to eat. I think some cats just dropped by to get a name.

I love all animals, and enjoy sitting and having a cat or dog around. I let Buddy ( our Dog ) sleep at my feet. Ira tells him to get down and he comes to me to hide under the blankets, he is like a furry foot warmer.

Our youngest is a dog person when she was little we gave Buddy ( our dog ) some left over Japanese food, ( our youngest daughter loves baby corns ), to our surprise we found buddy and her sitting side by side eating these left overs. Sharing 50/50, well She got the baby corns and he got the rest !


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  2. Buddy is a cutest dog ever but i am not sure if he has the same opinion... He thinks he is a person and why wouldn't he eat with our daughter from the same dish or sleep in our bed???

  3. I never had cats or dogs before moving to Canada... I would not say i did not love them i just was not used to them... I love Buddy and all our Barnwell cats... Miss them a lot.