Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parasol Umbrella and NCIS

I watch my wife crochet and I fall asleep, I go with her to buy yarn and I want to fall asleep. I am not a crochet person, but I am truly amazed by the quality and expertise she employs to make her parasols.

Being a guy, I do not even use an umbrella, and the thought of an umbrella looking thing made of fabric that leaks when it rains, just baffles me. I know women like to look pretty and fancy, so I guess I get it. Until Ira made one and then I thought that this looks so cool, not that you would see me using one, well I might if it had blue tooth and a Calgary Flames or Miami Dolphin logo.

Each handmade crocheted parasol is made of lace, oooh sounds sexy already, okay when the wife mentions lace, everything before it was blah blah like Charlie Browns teacher, but after it is as clear as kindergarten teacher reading about some baby duck crossing the street.

My Wife and I watch NCIS and Abby often has a black parasol, which makes Ira like her even more. I hear Abby is so cool, did you see that parasol ? When me and a few friends are watching TV and some hot babe is on TV, the guys say wow did you see her ? I fear my response will be no I missed her, was she holding a parasol ?


  1. We are NCIS junkies, and I don't remember seeing Abby with the parasol. I'm sure I'll remember next time she has it to think of Ira!
    Her work is WOW!
    Nice job on the blog. Wish my husband would do one for me :)

  2. I too, am a NCIS junkie...lol...I do remember Abby with the parasol, and now when I see it repeated (watch repeats all the time) I will definitely think of Ira! Wonderful!

  3. http://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/sean-murray/photos/174130/172888

  4. you can also check my blog post with pictures of Abby

  5. Thanks Tricia, SHEILA and Maurice :)

  6. I LOVE the parasols. In fact I love all of Ira's work. So creative and high quality. I just watched the YouTube video last night. Very impressive. You now have a new follower. :)

  7. aww haha I drag my husband along to yarn shop too so I can use two coupons :) He's a good sport too.