Monday, July 11, 2011

What do I like about summer?

Well my perfect summer day would involve camping , but not in a tent ( tents are like plastic wrap for Bears ) , in cabin on a lake. Waking up at 7 or 8 am making breakfast most likely bacon and eggs with toast. Relaxing, fishing swimming and play card games or board games with the family. Oh an of course a nice relaxing fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows in the evening.

I do not like to tomato's a lot, I enjoy them in my BLT or on my hamburger, but to say I love them would be a very big stretch, yet for some reason I like to grow tomato's and the smell of them in the summer. I think Strawberries are my favorite summer time edible. A nice homemade strawberry milk shake on a warm summer day, just can't be beat. I like strawberries on my cereal, plain strawberries, strawberries on angel food cake or strawberries and rhubarb pie :)

I love playing outside with the kids and my loyal and faithful dog Buddy. My Kids are great as a father I could not ask for better kids, each one is special in their own way. I have had several dogs in my life but Buddy is by far the most lovable, cuddly and loyal dog I have ever owned. At night he sleeps at my feet or beside the bed, when I work on my computer he sleeps under my chair. If I am sick he never leaves my side. I often wish every one in the world could be more like Buddy, not that I want 6 billion people following me around, that would be rather annoying especially when I want to go to the bathroom. What I mean is he loyal, caring, faithful and he would harm fly ( okay , actually he would harm a fly, he hates flies and tries to catch them ).

Well, I hope everyone has a great summer, and you able to enjoy it the way you like. Everyone has their own unique ways to enjoy summer, and I think that is great, as it would be very boring if we were all the same. My wife enjoys crocheting, only thing I can do with yarn is make the cat go nuts as I drag it across the floor.

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