Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wholesale Clearance Sale !

Over 1100 original images of Ira Rott's unique fashion designs for adults, teens, kids, babies and even your family dog. ( Pricing starting from 25.00 )

Handmade Crochet Animal hats ( Elephants hats , puppy dog hats, kitty cats hat, penguins hats, sock monkey hats, zebra hats, sharks hats, owl hats, Photo Props hats with diaper covers, dinosaur lizard hats, kangaroo hats , koala hats and other animal you can think of , Kids and ladies swim wear ( 1 piece and bikini's ), crochet patterns of many of her unique items, sock monkeys dolls and hats, wedding parasols, sun hats ( Berets, beanies and newsboy caps ), handmade dresses ( Many of them one of a kind) and much more

Clear out of 2010 Stock at 50% to 80% off

Wholesale Handmade Crochet Baby Booties Lot of 11

$ 125.00 CAD

Wholesale Handmade Baby and Kids Lot of 9

$ 90.00 CAD

Wholesale Handmade Crochet Elf Hats Lot of 6

$ 65.00 CAD

Wholesale Handmade Fingerless gloves Lot of 9

$ 90.00 CAD

Wholesale Knitted Ladies Socks Lot of 6

$ 70.00 CAD

Wholesale Handmade Crochet Sun Hats Lot of 7

$ 80.00 CAD

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