Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who Let the Dogs out !

My Kids well, they are simply crazy ! Guess that goes without saying if you know me. I like to joke around, have fun. Often I can be quite hyper. So I have the worlds most hyper dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, named Buddy.

If I play with the kids and he thinks they are hurt, if they laugh uncontrollable ( being tickled) or pretend to cry, buddy will come running to the rescue and defend them. Defend them he does he growls and will grab a hold of anyone he thinks is a threat and wont let go till everything is settled down. We all Love our Dog ! One Day my Son was teasing his sisters and one of the girls began to get upset and cry, Buddy came to the rescue. he grab my son in the first place he could ... His butt, It was very funny ! ( do not worry he was not hurt) Buddy only grabs clothing and shakes. PS The Boy wears loose pants the dog almost took his pants completely off.
Buddy think he is a person, not a dog. He feels rather put out if we eat and he gets nothing. I am sure he eats more people food then dog food. At night he goes to sleep with our youngest as she goes to bed first, he makes the rounds every night visiting each person in the family sleeping with them for a few hours. We could not find a more loving dog.


  1. I loved reading about Buddy! I feel the same way about our dog, and probably any dog... I think we, human beings, have to be surrounded by different animals, so that we can learn... at least learn to LOVE unconditionally. But there is so much more... right?

    Thank you for including the picture of my Bim wearing the Alvantine scarf!

  2. I really like the green picture with a dog. Looks super cool!